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In afar way place in the middle of nowhere a cursed mine lays under siege by our Unlikely Crew of misfits join them as they Try to destroy the Curse of Nerva the scorpion Queen! Whos Dark magic Cursed the Miners Souls to continue working for her Greed and Spreading Her dark influence across the land, but not only Nerva and her miners ,recently a pack of Banditos have also taken the mine as their own Hideout...

Can you brave the Mines? free the souls of the Damned !?

This is an entry into the Shacknews Jam V: The Final Frontier with the theme “Before the NES/FamiCom”.
We decided to bring back an old classic called Gauntlet and put a western twist to it.

How to play: Move and attack enemies and their spawners. When you've killed enough enemies your bar will fill up and you can perform a special attack. Defeat the final boss!

While Attacking and not inputting movement  your character will perform                Auto Aim Attacks !

There is 3 stages of Special meter  and a Special move for each stage to play with try them out for yourselves each Character has a unique move per Special meter stage to bring to the fight.

The game can be played with a keyboard/mouse or controller and is designed for LAN co-op, however it is possible to play together online using third party software.

How to play co-op online:
1. Go to https://parsecgaming.com/ and make an account and install the program.
2. Have your friends do the same and add them there.
3. Have your friends link up to your PC and this will allow you to all play together.

Make sure only the Host or who ever wants to use Keyboard is the only one and the rest need to be GamePad or else you might run into Controller Assignment issues. 


DungeonDesperados.zip 224 MB

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Awesome Game developed, I really loved it, Lots of feature missing, if you guys keep working on it this game has potential to be great. Check out my review of your game see, what you guys can do. Keep up the good work.